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Kesän pesityksistä

Busy spring has taken time from everything else, but I have gotten two couples going and there are eggs in one nest. Chiara and Frodo and Sadie and Sir Robin are the couples. As I have been writing Chiaras third egg arrived. Chiara and Sadie where chosen to start off the breeding season, so that they wouldn't have to be separated (breeding cages are side by side)  and also because they are of good age. What came to the males I chose, I have tried to think about the temperaments of the birds as well as colours. Frodo needed a very decided but thoroughly calm lady beside her, as I had pretty much decided not to use him again due to previous problems. But Chiara has proven to be a perfect match this far. First it seemed they will never get anything going, Chiara was very protective what came to the nestbox, and even chasing Frodo all over the cage - where as he only tried approching her whenever possible. But finally she calmed down, thought Frodo probably better than nothing and now