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We have been away for two nights and even though I had some one here check on the babies I've been so worried! But they've been fine, of course. I think the H-clutch babies also have missed us a bit - they haven't been able to fly since the morning on the 23rd so that must have been an agony. The I-clutch has 3 chicks come out of the nest box completely, number 3 has been out several times before too, but always gone back. This time he seems to be out to stay. He's the one staying home from this clutch. All the chicks from H-clutch have already found good and loving homes. In case you read this too late and are interested in a CC budgie, you can always get a place in the waiting list, so you'll be among the first to pick a baby when the spring comes. The I-clutch with the 75% english chicks will be ready for new homes earliest the 12th January. There's still 3 of them looking for new, loving homes. These babies are all violets, females are also opaline and the m

The joys of birdmotherhood

I have to say, that even though very intense and very worrying and very stressful at times, having these budgie babies is just - it's lovely. They have grown into such fantastic little creatures whom I will be only happy to give to new homes learn about petbird life and give joy to humans. It does though hurt a little, when I have to think about giving any of them away. But the time is not here yet, I've still got almost 2 weeks left! Time goes so fast.. So we're leaving number 4 and 5 at home, because of the peculiar colours and because they've got good size and temper. They actually all have good size and temper and I'd be happy to leave any of these babies home! But we have to much grey too in the house, so probably the blue ones are good in that point of view too. About I-clutch I know not so much as of yet, the opaline girls seem to have a little milder temper, even when I still need to handle them everyday in not so positive a way, as the poop is still caking

Names - Nimet!

Nimet on nyt H-pesueelle päätetty ja kutakuinkin myös se, mitkä poikaset tästä pesueesta jäävät kotiin. Kuitenkin, jos oikein hyvä kotiehdokas ilmaantuu, joka haluaa juuri sinisen koiraa, tai koiraan, voin harkita asiaa. Naaraitahan tähän pesueeseen tuli 4, vanhimmat kaksi ovat jo hyviä ystävyksiä. Loput kolme poikasta ovat ainakin toistaiseksi enemmän oman elämänsä sankareita. So the babies have now gotten names, and I've also pretty much decided which ones will be staying. Hedwig and Hertta are already getting along very well and do everything together. They are both very adventurous and end up everywhere, they like being close and exploring on pullovers... Hedda is a little odd ball, who though enjoys some good scratching and food. She's a lot calmer from her big sisters and also bigger in size. To whom might want a little more gentle bird companion. Helmut is a lovely little boy, also fond of love and care and being close. Helmut will be staying home, unless there's som

Pictures H-clutch

I start in reverse order to show you the youngest ones first who have been less in pictures. Above on the left is number five - a sweet little skyblue opaline and on the left number 4, also supposedly skyblue normal, but the colours don't match. He's darker, but still not cobalt either. Only chick number five, the youngest one that is hasn't yet completely climbed out of the nest and she has no hurry either. All the other chicks really enjoy their time outside, playing with toys and learning to eat themselves. All of them are still nights in the nest, also taking longer naps and getting fed my dad. Chiara has now spent first night away and I think she's started her winter break now. It seems that the parents otherwise would be taking round two, and it's not what they need. This clutch is amazing tough. All the kids already ENJOY scratches by humans, though obviously there are times they prefer nibbling or even biting and then times when they crave for a little lovin


 H-babies start to be very restless in the nestbox, and not really settling in the cage either. Momma bird on the other hand won't very happily - if at all - let the kids get back to the nest box either, so I've felt safest taking her out of the cage, when I'm not home. She still feeds the youngest ones, so I haven't taken her yet completely, but that will most likely be the next step. Boss again hasn't yet really gotten on the job of feeding the babies when they've com out, but he seems   often to be thinking them as possible mating company.. Slow and steady, I believe he will get the hang of it eventually. Eldest and second eldest also know how to eat themselves, so they won't starve, I think number third also has started to taste some seeds. Third chick has been out too, but stays more inside and the two youngest ones haven't climbed out yet at all. They are now 27 and 29 days old, that is just around 4 weeks both of them. But they are adorable. Numbe

A wall

Been taking care of I-babies everyday now, because the mom keeps throwing all the bedding out and the papabird helps too occationally if he can fit in. Problem here is that the babies are still packed with food - all the time - and the amount of poop, now that they are older has also grown. Without bedding it sticks to their feet and even feathers, especially tail feathers, so I have been picking off the poop even twice a day. They are also messy eaters or she's a messy feeder, and the food gets stuck onto their beaks and feathers. Why this too, is a problem, is that if unnoticed the chick can get malformations on the beak, not be able to use their feet properly, again resulting in splayed legs or malformations or worse. I took the legwraps away yesterday, those also being dirty and the eldest seems to be standing pretty well, but I think some of the younger ones  might need a new one for a couple of days. But I also came up with a solution to slow down the frantic nest emptying, w

H-clutch pictures

Nyt on kaikista muokattu kunnon kuvat. Aivan ihmeellistä ettei keltanaamioita tullut yhtään! Joku on kuullut ajatukseni... Meidän kaikilla pesintäiässä olevilla naarailla on keltanaamio tyyppi II, joten niitä on jo aika reilusti 😅 Ja ei, nimiä ei ole vielä. Paitsi Hedwig, joka tyttäreni päätöksestä annetaan poikaselle numero kaksi. Now I've fixed pictures of them all. It's rather amazing that none of the chicks got the yellowface mutation - I guess someones heard my thoughts... All the breeding hens I have got atm are yellofaces, so I'd say that's enough of them! A little oddly none of the males have it - unless you count Griffin. But here they are: Chick nr. 1. 34 days old. Grey opaline hen   Chick nr. 2. 29 days old. Grey cinnamon opaline hen Chick nr. 3. 27 days old. Grey opaline hen most likely Chick nr. 4. 25 days old. Standard cobalt Chick nr 5. 23 days old. Skyblue opaline. And the whole bunch