We have been away for two nights and even though I had some one here check on the babies I've been so worried! But they've been fine, of course. I think the H-clutch babies also have missed us a bit - they haven't been able to fly since the morning on the 23rd so that must have been an agony.

The I-clutch has 3 chicks come out of the nest box completely, number 3 has been out several times before too, but always gone back. This time he seems to be out to stay. He's the one staying home from this clutch.

All the chicks from H-clutch have already found good and loving homes. In case you read this too late and are interested in a CC budgie, you can always get a place in the waiting list, so you'll be among the first to pick a baby when the spring comes.

The I-clutch with the 75% english chicks will be ready for new homes earliest the 12th January. There's still 3 of them looking for new, loving homes. These babies are all violets, females are also opaline and the males split opaline and cinnamon.

Planning on new photos tomorrow!

Happy Christmas Everyone!