H-babies start to be very restless in the nestbox, and not really settling in the cage either. Momma bird on the other hand won't very happily - if at all - let the kids get back to the nest box either, so I've felt safest taking her out of the cage, when I'm not home. She still feeds the youngest ones, so I haven't taken her yet completely, but that will most likely be the next step.

Boss again hasn't yet really gotten on the job of feeding the babies when they've com out, but he seems   often to be thinking them as possible mating company.. Slow and steady, I believe he will get the hang of it eventually.

Eldest and second eldest also know how to eat themselves, so they won't starve, I think number third also has started to taste some seeds. Third chick has been out too, but stays more inside and the two youngest ones haven't climbed out yet at all. They are now 27 and 29 days old, that is just around 4 weeks both of them.

But they are adorable. Number one has been flying a lot today, often landing on my arm and feels safe to hop on to my hand if in trouble - that is hanging on to a curtain or on top of a cupboard. She is 5 days older than the second eldest, so I bet she's been restless awhile already!

So I've been greeting on them a lot and often, the three eldest love to spend time with toys and me outside the cage, while the two youngest mostly just take it chill in the box.


Two youngest, peculiar shade of a blue on the standard coloured