Pictures H-clutch

I start in reverse order to show you the youngest ones first who have been less in pictures. Above on the left is number five - a sweet little skyblue opaline and on the left number 4, also supposedly skyblue normal, but the colours don't match. He's darker, but still not cobalt either.

Only chick number five, the youngest one that is hasn't yet completely climbed out of the nest and she has no hurry either. All the other chicks really enjoy their time outside, playing with toys and learning to eat themselves. All of them are still nights in the nest, also taking longer naps and getting fed my dad. Chiara has now spent first night away and I think she's started her winter break now. It seems that the parents otherwise would be taking round two, and it's not what they need.

This clutch is amazing tough. All the kids already ENJOY scratches by humans, though obviously there are times they prefer nibbling or even biting and then times when they crave for a little loving care. They come forward when they see a hand and are very curious about new toys. New surroundings are tolerable if together with a friend, otherwise the nest and top of their cage is pretty much the whole world. Number one flies around a bit too, and I've blocked the way to the other breeding cage, because she'd like to fly there.

I've almost got all the names too, so maybe in the next post you will hear those :)

Number 4

Number 3

1 and 2

Number 2, her name's Hedwig

Number 1