A few words

 A few words in english. Me and my daughter bought an show budgie couple a few years back, it was spring 2020 - planning to build a little flock with only show budgies (though with no intentions of showing them, because the nearest shows here in Sweden are about 1000km away and in Finland there are none.

I was very active before, with a only a few matings but more in club activity and spreading overall budgie awareness. We were few enthusiasts - even here in the north, not to mention all the people in the south. It was fun. But as I got kids and had only less and less time, I felt that I was doing no good having all my special birds so I gave them away 2011 before the end of the year.

I have always been especially interested in colour mutations, and it seems that getting different mutations now is so much easier than it was then! Texas Clearbody was one of my big favourites and now I only need to take a ride to southern Sweden and I can get myself a baby Texas. There was a budgie hobbiest who apparently had an Easly Clearbody, but we never managed to mate him. Easleys are still difficult to find though, so that hasn't changed.

One of my rarities was a Dutch Pied male whom I successfully mated a couple of times, but as my breeding stopped I have no idea if any of the offspring ever got mated and what happened.

One of my Dutch Pied babies

Dutch Pied has an irisring - compared to a Recessive Pied

Now we have a flock of 5, of which 2 are full show budgies and 3 of them are show crosses with more or less australian features. They're bigger in size and have somewhat longer feathers in their heads.

One of our males is a violet Clearflight Pied, but he got to us from another home who told us he'd be 1 years old then, but I have my suspicions. But if we find him a nice lady it's not impossible to breed him too later on, if he keeps healthy.

Our present breeding couple is a Skyblue Opaline male - Frodo and a Yellowface Spangle Cinnamon Grey - Lucy from a nearby show breeder. Nearby meaning 250km only :) And even if I've had a bunch show birds I've never actually succeeded in having any babies, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that this time it would work! The third egg should be arriving today...