Sad news

Frodos behaviour changed yesterday during the morning, he kept entering the nest box and scattering the eggs around. And as I wasn't able to keep an eye on him all the time, in the evening two of the three eggs had a crack. I removed him from the breeding cage, as I was worried the hen would be laying more eggs and he wouldn't let her step in the nest box at all.

Lucy has not laid more eggs during the night, but as a consequence to all this, she hasn't been brooding properly today. I put Sir Robin in to keep her company and he's doing fine, but doesn't dare to get very close to the hen.

So I'm afraid we're not getting any babies this time, I've got no egg incubator so it's impossible for me to keep the eggs warm enough if the hen is not doing it.


  1. Voi kuinka ikävää! Oli mukaa lukea noita alla olevia päivityksiä


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