Eager father

Frodo has started to empty the nestbox from the beddings, he seems to be disturbing Chiara somewhat too, going in and out of the nest box all the time. I'm wondering if he's just eager on getting a new clutch going and mating with Chiara - which I have no plans or intentions for - and because she's showing no signs of being interested in round two, he's letting out his energy in some other way. It'll be a problem though if Chiara becomes stressed over his behaviour or it things get even worse, her or him getting aggressive towards each other - or the chicks.

Other possible explanation could be just that he's hyped with all the supernutritive food he's packing himself up with all day long and not having so much space for extra activity other than feeding Chiara - and she too is still pretty much in the nest box all the time. The youngest chick isn't after all more that a week old so they need her warmth. Frodo seems to only feed Chiara at this point and Chiara is feeding the chicks alone. Or so it seems, Frodo doesn't stay in the box for long

Otherwise little chickies are doing superb it seems, so I probably ought not to be too concerned about the papabirds whimsical behaviour, Chiara after all is a fine little budgie mom, and hopefully stabile enough to even calm down the erratic Frodo at some point.