Holiday time for the mom


She's still the sweetest little budgie 💕

Chiara has gotten some time out of the cage now that she's started over grooming the chicks. That means she's nibbling their down off, and bald patches are appearing where they should be fluffy and white, or grey. But it's worked, Boss has started to feed the chicks instead and Chiara, every time she gets back, concentrates better on her babies. If it should get worse, we are now prepared to remove he all together.

Here are number two, three and four. Four and five are the ones who she's plucked the most, and also here you can see the fluffy down which should be covering evenly all the back side of the chick, is blotchy. The elder chicks are better off already and luckily Chiara hasn't been plucking any of the chicks feathers.

The colours of the babies are as follows:

1. Grey opaline

2. Grey cinnamon opaline

3. Grey opaline

4. Skyblue normal

5. Skyblue opaline

None of the chicks are yellowface!